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We are dealers and suppliers of BRISTOL Fire Fighting Equipment including Valves, Fire Hose, Fire Cabinets and Hydrants.

Fire Valves

Gate Valves

Gate Valves are valves that open by lifting a round or rectangular gate/wedge out of the path of the fluid. They are characterized as having either a rising or a non-rising stem. BRISTOL Gate Valves are made of high quality materials and conform to international and local standards.

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves  are  valves  which  can  be  used  for  isolating  or regulating flow, with the closing mechanism in the form of a disk. BRISTOL  Butterfly Valves  are supervised and can be used for indoor and outdoor application.

Non-Return / Check Valve

Non-Return  Valves  or  Check  Valves  are  valves  that  normally  allow fluid  to  flow  through  it  in  only  one direction.  BRISTOL  Check  Valves are swing type with a tilted clapper. BRISTOL Check Valves clapper design produces  quick,  non-slam  closure  before  flow  reversal  can occur meeting the FM requirements for an anti-water hammer valve rating. 


Y-Strainers  are  used  in  straining  debris  from  pipelines. They are fitted in the field with nipples and drain valves 
to  permit  the  strainer  screen  to  be  cleaned  while  the system is still in process. BRISTOL Y-Strainers are compact and economical while also adhere to international and local standards.

Fire Hoses

Fire Hoses are high pressure hoses that carry water or other fire retardant such as foam from the supply to the fire to be extinguished. BRISTOL Fire Hoses compliance comes in different sizes, length and assemblies, and comply to both international  and  local  standards.  BRISTOL  also  offers  accessories  that  complement these hoses.

Landing Valves

Landing Valves are valves that provide hose connections to supply water for use by fire  departments  and  those  trained  in  handling  heavy  fire  streams.  BRISTOL  Landing Valves  comply  to  British  Standards  and  come  with  threaded  or  flanged  connection options.

Breaching Inlet

Bristol  breeching  inlets  are  suitable  for  installation  on  dry  risers  only,  in  a  building  for  fire 
fighting purposes, fitted with inlet connection at fire brigade access. 

Fire Hose Reel

Fire Hoses are high pressure hoses that carry water or other fire retardant such as  foam  from  the  supply  to  the  fire  to  be  extinguished.   BRISTOL  Fire  Hoses comply come in different sizes, length and assemblies, and comply to both international  and  local  standards.  BRISTOL  also  offers  accessories  that  complement these hoses.

Fire Cabinets

Bristol Cabinets have an attractive and compact design with high universal quality standards. Bristol Cabinets can be surface mounted or recessed with architrave and 180° swinging action doors. and center pivot door. Bristol cabinets come in mild steel finish, stainless steel finish Aluminum finish and wooden finish.

Fire Hydrants

Fire  Hydrants  are  active  fire  protection measures,  and  connection  points  by  which fire-fighters  can  tap  into  a  water  supply.  Fire Hydrants  can  be  classified  as  Wet  Barrel where  it  is  possible  to  turn  the  water  supply 
onand  off  to  each  port,  or  Dry  Barrel  where the  body  remains  dry  until  the  main  valve underground  is  switched  on  –  both  type  offered by BRISTOL.

We supply in Lagos state, Uyo & Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Port Harcourt & Rivers State, Anambra state, Imo state, Ogun state, Abuja FCT and in Nigeria generally.

We do not only sell, we install and offer maintenance services. You get the best deal and price from us.

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