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We are dealers and suppliers of BRISTOL Automatic Sprinklers including Upright, Pendent, Horizontal Sidewall & Concealed Pendent Sprinklers.

Upright Sprinklers and Pendent Sprinklers


Upright Sprinklers and Pendent Sprinklers

The   BF001/BF005   Standard/Quick   Response Upright    and    BF002/BF004    Standard/Quick Response   Pendent.

Sprinklers  are  automatic  sprinklers  of  the  frangible  bulb  type.  They  are “standard/quick  response  –  standard  orifice spray  sprinkler” intended for  use in  fire  sprinkler systems  designed  in  accordance  with  the standard  installation  rules  recognized  by  the applicable  Listing  or  Approval  agency  (e.g., UL  Listing  is  based  on NFPA  13  requirements).

The  Upright,  Pendent  Sprinklers  all  produce  a hemispherical  water  distribution  pattern  below the deflector.

Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler


Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler - Fire fighting equipment in Nigeria

Horizontal  sidewall  sprinklers  are  generally  used  in  lieu  of  pendent and  upright  sprinklers  because  of building  construction  or  installation  economy  considerations.  They  are  designed  for  installation along  a  wall  or  the  side  of  a beam  and  just  beneath  a  smooth ceiling.  Installed  with  their  centerline  of  waterway  horizontal, these  sprinklers produce  a  quarter‐spherical  water  discharge  pattern  that  is  predominately  directed  downward and  outward  from the  deflec  or;  however,  a  portion  of  the  spray  is  also  directed
towards  the  back  wall.

Model   BF007/BF008,   Standard   /   Quick   Response   Horizontal   Sidewall    Sprinklers,    are    automatic sprinklers  of  the frangible  bulb  type,  and  standard  spray,  1/2”  orifi ce,  5  /  3  mm bulb.  They  are  “standard  /  quick response  ‐ standard  orifice  sidewall sprinklers”  intended  for  use  i n  fire  sprinkler  systems  designed  in  accordance with  the  standard  installation  rules  recognized  by  the  applicable  Li sting  or  Approval  agency  (e.g.,  UL  Listing  is  based on NFPA 13 requirements).

Concealed Pendent Sprinkler


Concealed Pendent Sprinkler - Fire fighting equipment in Nigeria

The BF003/BF006 Standard/Quick Response Concealed Pendent Sprinklers (Ref. Figure A) are automatic sprinklers of the frangible bulb type. They  are  “standard/quick  response  –  standard  orifice  spray  sprinkler” intended for use in fire sprinkler systems designed in accordance with the  standard installation  rules  recognized by  the applicable  Listing or Approval agency (e.g.,  UL Listing is based on NFPA 13 requirements). 

The Concealed Pendent Sprinklers all produce a hemispherical water distribution pattern below the deflector.
This model sprinkler includes a Cover Plate Assembly that conceals the sprinkler  operating  components  above  the  ceiling.  The  Cover  Plate Assembly,  which  installs  onto  the  Sprinkler/  Mounting  Cup  Assembly, 
consists of a Cover Plate that is soldered to an Enclosure at three equidistant locations around their peripheries. The Ejection Spring is located between  the  flange  of  the  Enclosure  and  the  Cover  Plate,  to  ensure 
separation of the two pieces when the solder melts.

A  Label  located  on  the  Cover  Plate  Assembly  indicates  the  nominal temperature  of  the  sprinkler  and  the  nominal  diameter  of  the  Glass Bulb. The small Cover Plate is flat with a low profile that blends in with 
the   ceiling   for   an   aesthetically   pleasing  appearance.   Standard finishes for the Cover Plate are satin chrome plated and painted white.   Other   factory  applied  painted  finishes  for  the  Cover  Plate  is available on special order The separable two‐piece design of the Cover Plate and Mounting Cup  Assemblies   allows  installation   of   the  sprinklers   and   pressure testing of the fire protection system prior to installation of a suspended ceiling or application of the finish coating to a fixed ceiling. 

The separable design also permits removal of suspended ceiling panels for  access  to  building  service  equipment,  without  having  to  first  shut down the fire protection system and remove sprinklers. Also, the separable two piece design of the BF003 / BF006 Concealed Sprinkler   provides  for  1/6  inch  (4.2mm)  of  vertical  adjustment,  to  reduce  the  accuracy  to  which  the  length  of  fixed  pipe  drops  to  the sprinklers must be cut.

MODEL:  BF001 / BF005 / BF002 / BF004 / BF003 / BF006 / BF007 / BF008 STANDARD  SPRAY,  STANDARD  / QUICK RESPONSE, 5/3mm BULB TYPE, K5.6,  ½” CONNECTING THREAD

Concealed Pendent Sprinkler - Fire fighting equipment in Nigeria

Alarm Check Valve

Alarm Check Valve - Fire fighting equipment in Nigeria

Model BAV-146 Alarm Check Valve is a wet pipe sprinkler system water supply check valve that makes possible the installation of sprinkler systems in buildings not subject to freezing temperatures. It is designed so that water pressure in the piping system will hold back water pressure at the valve until a significant flow of water occurs. The Alarm Check Valve serves as a check valve by trapping pressurized water above the clapper and preventing reverse flow from sprinkler piping.

Deluge Valve

Deluge Valve - Fire fighting equipment in Nigeria

The valve opens on demand to provide water flow to the fire protection sprinkler system. Pilot system can be hydraulically, pneumatically or manually operated. Opening of the Valve is by electrical signal to solenoid valve/loss of control pressure.  

Test & Drain Valve, BF-VT001

Test & Drain Valve, BF-VT001 - Fire fighting equipment in Nigeria

Standard ………………………… UL Subject 258
Connection Type……………….. 1” M x F NPT
Body Material :…………………… Brass
Working Pressure :………………. 175psig 

Air Release Valve, BFE090203 

Air Release Valve, BFE090203 - Fire fighting equipment  Air Release Valve, BFE090203 - Fire fighting equipment

Standard ………………………… BS5041-3
Test Pressure : ……………………. 24bar
Inlet Coupling Type :...………….  DN25 Male BSPT
Max. Working Pressure :………… 175psi / 12bar
Body Material :…………………… Brass
Body Color :……………………….. Cast Brass 

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