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With the push toward the environment, inert gases are a good choice as they are the most environmental of all of the Clean Agents. Inert gases are defined as using one or more of the gasses Nitrogen, argon and CO2 is also found in one of the inert gas blends. Inert gasses work by removing the oxygen in the hazard to a point where it will not support a fire, but still high enough to support life.The refilling cost is more economic than the other extingishant clean agents due to it is advantage of collectability from atmosphere.

AKRONEX INERT Fire Suppression System does not damage the equipment and electronic devices in the environment during the extinguishing process and minimizes the damage after fire. It leaves no residue. 

It is one of the most ideal extinguishing systems for the fire safety of especially in the electronic device containing rooms, electrical panel rooms and the museums where the valuable materials are located.

AKRONEX INERT Gas Extinguishing Systems are designed in accordance with the TS EN 14005, ISO 14520 and NFPA 2001 standards.

There are 4 Types of mixtures used in AKRONEX 
Inert Fire Suppression Systems;
• IG-01 Argon 100%
• IG-55 Argon 50%, Nitrogen 50%
• IG-55 Nitrogen 100%
• IG541Argon 40%, Nitrogen 52%, CO2 8%